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pat-aboutMy name is Pat Ness and I’m the founder of SMB Master. Since 2001, I’ve happily helped over 805 brands with their web business adventures on and offline. I’m a digital entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, software designer, blog design teacher, web designer, graphic designer, SEO guy, WordPress developer, web strategist, FB Ads remarketing pro, and blogger. I know, I know, that’s a lot of roles I just listed. Well let me tell you, in this business to be one of the best you need to be able to know and understand all these roles. Otherwise, you have to outsource which is something I don’t do. Understanding all these roles allows me to put together sales funnels and business blueprints with ease. I handcraft every website on my own with no help. This is how I operate as a one man badass web business building machine. If you’re interested in knowing more about how my businesses operate, visit my website Build a Blog School and sign up for my FREE eCourse.

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