Building a Career With a Blog

Yes, blogs are a great way to grab the attention of prospective employers or clients and share your expertise in the process.

Just ask any serious blogger. Blogs can benefit both established and young professionals and they can inspire the blogger to stay current in their field of expertise.

If you’re thinking about blogging, heed some advice from experts:

Understand that it’s a considerable time commitment. If you don’t have at least two hours a week to spend posting one or two blogs, don’t get started.

Determine what you have to share that is of value. Identify what you’re passionate about and what topic will keep you motivated to keep learning more.

Refrain from self-promotion. Even if you’re using the blog to promote yourself or your business, don’t view it as a vehicle to toot your own horn. Rather, promote your knowledge and ideas. Develop a voice and attitude. Your blog should reflect your philosophy about a topic.

Take care not to offend people with the general taboo topics. Even in the blogosphere, sex, politics and religion are topics to avoid, unless these are your fields of expertise.

Make it clear who’s the blogger. Craft a powerful bio and identify goals for your career. Make it easy for prospective employees or clients to see how you could fit into their organizations. Respond to reader comments promptly. You’re engaging in a conversation. Respond to queries and continue to share your expertise with interested readers. Don’t be afraid to disagree, either. Become familiar with blogging gadgets. These enhance the look and functionality of your blog. Use online tools such as RSS feeds to announce new articles or figure out how to post pictures to make the page more visually appealing.

Review your entries thoroughly before posting. Make sure each is free of grammatical errors and jargon.

Personalize your blog. Use pictures of graphics to make it more attractive, particularly if you’ve selected a generic template that is widely used. Also, don’t forget to include some ways for visitors to contact you[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Pat Ness
The happy man you see smiling on the left is me. My name is Pat Ness and I’m the founder of Social Media Blog Master (SMB Master). I’m a self employed internet marketer and web strategist with a background in web design, graphic design, SEO, WordPress, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Since 2001, I’ve happily helped one on one over 320 brands with their business adventures online. I have a passion for inspiring and teaching people on the web how to become a leader online and create a lifestyle they love.

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