Free Work Request

Sooo I’m gonna do some free sh*t for ya… COOL! :D

If you’re on this page it means I sent you the link and I like you and I think you’re awesome and I want to help.

But I’m Only Willing to Help on These Terms:

1. I absolutely under no circumstances will do work in the evening after 6pm or on the weekend.

2. Requests must come in by filling out the form here (no emails, no texts, no WhatsApps, or DM’s of any kind). Once the form gets submitted it goes into a queue so it’s nice and organized for me.

3. Please patiently wait for me to reply to your submission. I’m too busy right now to throw things into my schedule. I have a lot of clients, partnerships, and personal projects I’m working on. Those will always come first. When I have free time, I’ll get on the “free work request” emails and I’ll get back to you then. Most likely it will be within a week or so. Please don’t message me to ask when I will get onto your email. This will result in deleting your email and not helping you.

4. No you cannot pick my brain for just a minute. A minute turns into an hour very easily in the web marketing world.

5. Please be appreciative when I do help you and keep the good vibes flowing. If you’re a a** or give me attitude… bye bye!

Other Options to Get Sh*t Done Faster:

1. Barter – If you have a product or service that I’m interested in I’d be more then happy to work out a barter with you. My current hourly rate is $450/hr. I would like to be compensated for $225 worth of your service or product per hour I help you. That’s half of my hourly rate.

2. Payment – My current hourly rate is going up significantly in 2018 due to my current amount of passive income. With that being said, if multiple hours are purchased you can get me for half price. More details here: