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Please review my terms and conditions for my web development and consulting services.

$1000 site

Make info submission form***

  • basic 5 page full design (all content) – comes with 28 other pages HOME ABOUT SERVICES BLOG CONTACT TESTIMONIALS
  • facebook pixel (setup personal)
  • google analytics
  • connect optin forms
  • 30 days for changes


$450 – 1 Hour Consult


$4,500 – 1 Day Smash


$7,500 – 2 Day Ninja Site

Empire Automation Blueprint


$450 (1 hour)

During this one hour screenshare I will develop a blueprint for your business and help give you clarity on everything you need to do do move forward and fast and as easy as possible. Have a question about software and how everything connects? I can answer any questions you have about digital marketing. Whether is about FB ads, web development, tools, software, plugins, CRM’s, email marketing, or whatever. I am a very knowledgeable marketer and can help you with anything and am confident I will be able to give you clarity for you project. I’ve developed websites for solo-preneurs to 100,000,000+ corporate company’s. There’s nothing I can’t develop. Book a call today and let’s accelerate your business development.

Note: If you book a call and end up choosing a package below I will take $450 off the option you choose.

Please review my terms and conditions for my web development and consulting services.

1 Day Smash Details

$4,500 (10+ hours)

Basically, I can develop anything you want and I can help you craft the website for what you need.

My one hour empire automation blueprint is free if you choose this option.

Setup & Config

  • DNS, domain, server setup & configuration (SiteGround)
  • Email configuration (FREE)
  • Content management system installation (WordPress – FREE)
  • SSL – https:// (Let’s Encrypt – FREE)
  • SiteSpeed (SG Supercacher – FREE)

Design & Features

  • Fully Mobile Responsive Design
  • Blog Integration
  • Gallery Lightbox
  • Video Embeds
  • Custom Sidebars
  • 1 Contact Form (Gravity Forms – FREE)
  • Home Page Design (+2 pages)
  • WooCommerce Shop (PayPal + Stripe)
  • Page cloner

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

  • 1 landing page + split test
  • 1 thank you page design
  • 1 popup + split test
  • 1 FB ad to get started

Sales Page Design & Product Delivery

  • 1 landing page design + split test
  • 1 thank you page design
  • Checkout design & function
  • Delivery of product(s)

SEO & Meta Data

  • SEO by Yoast configuration
  • Social media meta tags
  • Favicon design
  • Schema data configuration

Social Media

  • Links to social networks
  • Social Share Buttons on blog posts
  • Social Meta Data for social sharing

Website Stats & Analytics

  • Google analytics installation
  • Webmaster tools submission
  • Sitemap creation and submission

Facebook Pixels & Audiences

  • Facebook pixel installation
  • Custom audience creation and conversion pixels

Security & Privacy Compliance

  • GDPR compliance
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use

Clarity & Tutorials Provided

  • Video Tutorials for your site and links to resources.
  • Trello Board Creation with project outline and build details.
  • Fullelytics funnel map.

Software/Tools Required

  • Domain name ($10/yr)
  • SiteGround server ($5.95/mth)
  • Theme license ($59 one time)
  • Social media share button license ($18 one time)
  • Email marketing software (aweber – 1 month free then $19/mth)
  • Thrive themes licence ($19/mth)

Terms of the Build

  • Includes a maximum of 10 hours of development on build day.
  • I’ll need you to be available and by a computer the day of the build.
  • You’ll get 2 weeks to go over the website to create a list of changes after the set design date that I’ll fulfill for you.
  • All content including text/videos/images must be ready. If not placeholders will be put in place and it will be up to you to change the content. I will show you how to do this during the tutorial video.

Please read my full terms and conditions here: https://smbmaster.com/terms-conditions/

Price and Payment Info

  • $4500 + 13% HST
  • Deposit of $2250 required to book a day. Please see terms about refund policy.
  • Final payment due 2 weeks (14 days) after build day.

Moving Forward

  • You own 100% of what I create for you and can work with whoever you want.
  • Once the final payment is made I’m no longer responsible for updating content on your website.
  • I will fix any technical website malfunctions for up to 6 months after the build. (none to be expected)
  • You have a one time option to purchase hours at a fraction of my hourly rate one time. These hours do not expire. (Current hourly rate is $450/hr – Buy up to 20 hours at $125/hr – total of $2500)

Please review my terms and conditions for my web development and consulting services.

2 Day Ninja Site

$7,500 (20+ hours)

You get everything in the ‘one day smash’ plus:

  • Full custom membership site build using Digital Access Pass (DAP)
  • Full affiliate system integration
  • Upsells and downsells for cart
  • Deep google analytics goal setup and GTM integration.
  • Secrets and backend access to 6/7 figure clients.

DAP Main Features

  • Made For WordPress: Works with WordPress like a dream!
  • Works on Non-WordPress Sites too (plain PHP/HTML web sites)
  • Sequential Content Delivery: We invented “Content Dripping”! This is where you can drip content little-by-little over time.
  • ContentResponder with Tru-Drip: Make individual pieces of Content drip, little by little, exactly on the day you want – just like an email autoresponder drips emails. Set a blog post or a file or a video to drip on Day #1, Day #7, Day #31, etc. Or you can set it to drip on a specific date – like 12/31/2010).
  • Built-in File & Download Protection: Protect regular files like .mp3, .zip, .flv, .zip, .exe. .pdf, .doc. .xls, .mpeg. .swf, .js. Even protect Images (.gif, .jpg, .png).
  • Tru-Protector: Can protect files anywhere on your web site – both within and outside the WordPress folders. And protects the original source files wherever they are located. No “fake” protection scheme by simply trying to “hide” the location of the file. You will not need another download protector ever again.
  • Amazon SES Integration: Save hefty monthly fees because you don’t really need an email service like Aweber or GetResponse.
  • FREE Shopping Cart with On-Site Credit Card Processing for Stripe,Authorize.net and Paypal Website Payments Pro. Your customer never again has to leave your web site and go to a 3rd party site just to make a payment. Everything happens right within a page on your web site. And you don’t even need to sign up for a third-party shopping cart just for accepting payments via Authorize.net or PWPP.
  • DAP Shopping Cart also has support for Coupon Codes for Stripe, Paypal Standard and Authorize.net. Also has built-in support for a whole range of other carts and payment processors like ClickBank, e-Junkie, Paypal Standard (Business & Premier) and many more.
  • Dime Sales: A “Dime Sale” is where you configure the price to go up every “X” number of sales (you can choose what “X” is). We’ve taken this one step further, and allowed you to hike up the price every “Y” days too! And of course, the price hike is not restricted to just “dimes” (10 cents).
  • Do 1-Click Upsells with Stripe, Authorize.net and Paypal Website Payments Pro and 2-Click Upsells with Paypal Standard using our separately-sold premium plugin, “Upsell-Tree Plugin for Paypal Standard
  • Secure RSS Feeds: DAP makes your RSS feed secure, and protects them such that only members can access them. Each member gets their own special “Feed Key”, and your entire RSS feed will change depending on who’s viewing it, and how much content has been released to them so far. And the one really cool feature that is exclusive to DAP, is the built-in Feed-sharing protection even for your RSS feeds. If your members try to share their feed key with others, then their account will get LOCKED after a certain number of hits (you can specify how many is too many!)
  • S3MediaVault HTML5 Video Player Plugin to Protect Amazon S3-hosted Video, Audio and other file types stored on Amazon S3 – FREE with certain licenses
  • Instant Affiliates: Built-in affiliate program turns every member instantly into an Affiliate. They get their own, unique affiliate link that they can use to instantly start promoting your membership site the very instant they join. If you don’t want all members to be affiliates, you can turn off this feature.
  • Offer Free & Paid Trials
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Email Broadcasting
  • Unlimited 1-Click Upsells, Downsells & Cross-sells.
  • Teaser Content (“Sneak Peek“)
  • Not Just Technical Support. FANATIC’nical Support
  • Customizable Member Home Pages For Each Level/Product
  • Customizable “Post-Login Page” For Each Level/Product
  • Customizable Error Pages: Separate customizable error messages for logged-in members & not-logged-in visitors
  • Free Installation
  • Internationalization Features: You can customize DAP’s member-facing pages (like login form, user profile, “my content” and affiliate page) to any international, non-English language that supports UTF-8 based characters. And DAP is the only membership plugin in the industry that allows you to send non-English broadcast and autoresponder emails! DAP has been successfully tested on sites in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many more that we’re probably not even aware of.
  • A Member can purchase Multiple Recurring & Non-Recurring Products: One member can purchase access to multiple one-time products and recurring-subscription products – either at the same time or at different times.
  • Integration with third-party email systems likeAweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart and SendReach
  • One-Time Offers (OTO): At any time during purchase, you can make “One-Time Offers”. Doesn’t have to be an upsell. It can even be a “Sign up for my exclusive list” offer.
  • Sneak-Peek: Show content from your blog posts up to the “More” tag. So when Google’s spider (or your visitor) arrives at your blog after you publish a new post, it/they will see a summary of the post, instead of being redirected to a login page. Extremely powerful SEO feature.
  • Partial-Content Protection (Multi-Media): Within one blog post, the text content is publicly available, but the video/audio/pdf/other file is available only for paying members.
  • Synchronized Drip of both Content and Emails. Your Content, Emails and Files ALL can be synchronized to be delivered simultaneously.
  • Only DAP has Tru-Drip which can save you an extraordinary amount of time setting up content dripping over a longer duration – like say, over a year (or even when setting up dripping for even a few months ahead of time).
  • Drip-Feed all types of Content: DAP is the only membership plugin available, that lets you drip WordPress (WP) Pages, WP Posts, WP Categories, HTML pages, PDF reports, Videos, Audio files, Zip files, even Images! Drip just about any kind of file with any type of extension.

Shopping Cart

  • Free DAP Shopping Cart Plugin included with your DAP purchase that supports Unlimited free 1-Click Upsells and Downsells via Stripe, Authorize.net and Paypal Website Payments Pro (legacy)
  • DAP also directly and indirectly (via third party carts) supports a whole range of payment processors listed further below.
  • Buy-Button & Buy-Link Generator for Stripe, Paypal, Paypal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.net: You can generate all of your buy-buttons (“buy now”, “subscription” & “add to cart”) right from within the DAP Admin Dashboard.
  • 1-Click Upsells/Downsells/Cross-sells: Customer enters their credit card information only once – during the very first purchase. For all subsequent Upsells, they just have to click on an “Add To Order” button and their credit card that was just used, is instantly authorized and charged. Do Unlimited Upsells & Downsells.
  • 2-Click Upsells using Paypal Standard: No need for a merchant account. All you need is just a regular Paypal Business account. Paypal Upsell-Tree Plugin sold separately, or available for free with our Platinum membership
  • Automated Cancellations Across All Payment Processors: When someone cancels their subscription, you don’t have to do lift a finger – it’s all taken care for you.. No need to do any administrative tasks to make sure that the canceling member doesn’t get any further content going forward. DAP automatically takes care of subscription cancellations.
  • Process Offline Orders: Accept payments offline – using even payment processors that DAP doesn’t support. Even accept payments in the mail by check. And with just one click, enter the offline payment into the system. This not only allows DAP to give you more accurate reports about your earnings, but it also enables affiliates to get paid for offline purchases.
  • Multiple Recurring Cycles
  • Support for Trials
  • Support for Coupons
  • Auto-login: Immediately log the user in to the member’s area after purchase.
  • Post-Cancellation Access: Optionally enable members to access old content they had previously paid for, even after they cancel or unsubscribe.
  • Support for all of the following payment processors and third-party shopping carts.
  • 1SiteAutomation (1ShoppingCart and all private labels)
  • 2Checkout.com
  • Authorize.net
  • CCBill.com
  • ClickBank for both Subscription Products and One-Time Products (uses their “Instant Notification Service” (INS) for Instant Downloads as well as for Recurring Billing
  • ClickBank PitchPlus (1-Click Upsells)
  • DigiResults
  • DealGuardian
  • e-Junkie
  • Google Checkout
  • Infusionsoft
  • JVZoo
  • Nanacast
  • Ontraport (prev. Office Auto Pilot)
  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Sandbox
  • Paypal Website Payments Pro (legacy)
  • Paypal Express Checkout
  • Premium Web Cart
  • Plimus
  • Stripe.com
  • Warrior Plus (WSO PRO)
  • WorldPay
  • WP eStore storefront plugin
  • Zaxaa

Affiliate Module

  • Built-in Affiliate Module
  • Lifetime Commissions: Once a member is referred by an affiliate, affiliate gets paid (optionally, if that’s what you want) commissions on all future products purchased by member. Proudly tell your affiliates that they will never get screwed out of a single referral payment! Your affiliates are going to love you for this, and promote your product even more passionately. So once your affiliate is locked into a user, all subsequent purchases from that user results in a commissions for that same affiliate. No other affiliate can steal it, even if the user clicks on a different affiliate’s link before making subsequent purchases.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program: The 2-tier is optional. You can do just a 1-tier affiliate program.
  • Affiliate Access Only” Membership Level: You can create a membership level just for Affiliates. You can provide affiliates with training and affiliate links, and you can set it up so that they don’t get any of the other membership content. So affiliates can only promote your product and earn commissions, but cannot access site content. Very useful for Marketing-only or JV-only partners. So, If Francine Friend or Phil Partner is not yet a member of your system, you can give them (or invite them to get) free, affiliate-only access (without giving them access to your actual content, or requiring them to become a paying member), and after that, you can give them the affiliate credit. Or if that’s not what you want, then give regular membership content access to affiliates as well.
  • Post-Cancellation Affiliate Access: Members who cancel, lose access to the content, but can still retain their Affiliate link and can continue to promote your web site.
  • Pay Affiliates both Per-Lead and Per-Sale
  • Pay One-time commissions, or Recurring commissions on all subscriptions
  • Global Affiliate Link Redirection: You can set what is the default landing page for all of the default affiliate links. So if you have an sale or promo going on, you can set all default affiliate links (that are not using the “Custom Link Redirection”) to go to a different landing page. And then after the promo is over, you simply redirect them all back to your home page (or any page you choose).
  • Affiliate Commissions For Offline Orders: If an affiliate referred a buyer to your web site, and the buyer ended up paying offline, then you would never know that they were referred by an affiliate. Not so with DAP. Just enter the offline payment into DAP. And then the cookie that is still on the buyer’s computer triggers the correct affiliate credit the next time the member logs in to your membership site.
  • Affiliate Commissions For Word-Of-Mouth Referrals: There are times when people do not necessarily click on an affiliate link before making a purchase. They may have just “heard” about your product from a friend. And they will sometimes tell you (on your checkout page, or via your contact-us form) that they heard about it from “Jill Friend” Or “Joe Partner”. DAP allows you to manually give Affiliate credit to Jill Friend or Joe Partner for such purchases, even though there is no real affiliate link clicks in this case.
  • Anonymous Affiliate Tracking: If an affiliate referred a buyer to your web site, and the buyer ends up paying offline, then normally, you would never know that they were referred by an affiliate. Not so with DAP. After you enter the manual order, the cookie that is still on the buyer’s computer then triggers the correct affiliate credit the next time they log in to your membership site.

Email Features

  • Send both regular Text-based as well as HTML Email with styling and images
  • Built-in Email Autoresponders: Ability to drip Emails. Integrated Email Autoresponder can send pre-scheduled emails to all users. Set up different autoresponder series for different products. No need for a 3rd party service like Aweber or GetResponse.
  • Use Amazon SES to skyrocket your delivery rates for your email autoresponders.
  • Built-in Email Broadcasting: Ability to broadcast emails to your members right from the DAP Admin Dashboard, no matter the size of your membership.
  • Integration with Aweber
  • Integration with GetResponse
  • Integration with 1ShoppingCart’s Autoresponder
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with SendReach
  • Email & Job Queue: Having a job-queue is the only way to scale in size as your membership site grows to thousands of members, and as you start sending out tens of thousands of emails and your blog grows to thousands of blog posts. If a membership plugin doesn’t require you to setup a “Cron Job”, then it means your software cannot handle sending out a large number of emails from your server if your membership site grows to be a few thousand in size. Actually, without a cron job, your plugin can’t even send out emails to a few hundred members without timing out and failing half way through! And yes, DAP is programmed with the highest scalability and robustness in mind, so DAP sends all broadcast and autoresponder emails via a job queue and uses a “Cron Job” to quietly process emails on the backend, hour after hour, without it affecting the speed or deliverability of your emails being sent out.
  • Email Throttling of Broadcast & Autoresponder Email: To make sure that you don’t exceed your web host’s hourly email-sending limits.
  • Broadcast Email to 3rd-Party Lists of Unlimited Size (import using CSV) [WARNING: Spam is Evil]
  • Import CSV list of members from third-party membership software or list software
  • Use 3rd-Party Email Servers – like Amazon SES, SMTP.com, AuthSMTP.com, Mandrill App or your own SMTP servers, to bypass your web host’s email sending limits
  • Use Multiple Email Servers to speed up broadcasting to a large email list
  • 3rd-Party Email Notification: Extremely useful in notifying multiple folks – like your staff or business partners – of a sale
  • A Single Email can be part of Multiple Autoresponders: Extremely useful when you have multiple levels in your membership site, and wish to share some of the resources.
  • Repeating Autoresponder Emails: Create just one Autoresponder Email (say, an email that contains login and support info to the member) and schedule it go out repeatedly (Day #1, Day #32, Day #63, etc). No need to create a new email every time. Just add the same email multiple times and schedule it a recurring manner.

Forum Features

  • Integrates with all WordPress-based Forum Plugins
  • vBulletin Integration
  • XenForo Integration
  • WP-Forum Integration
  • bbPress Integration
  • Simple:Press Forum Integration
  • All WordPress-based forum plugins

Customization & Content Management

  • Partial Content Protection: Using DAP’s powerful Shortcodes, you can protect different parts of a single post or page using shortcodes like…
  • In-Page Dripping: Using DAP Shortcodes, you can publish (say) 10 videos on one page, and you can enclose each video’s embed code with a separate DAP Shortcode that has a different “Day” setting, so the very same page will show 1 video on Day 1, 2 videos on Day 2, 3 videos on Day 3, and so on.
  • You don’t have to create multiple pages/posts just to drip multiple pieces of content. All of the content can now be dripped within just one “download” page, like this:
  • Generates Access Logs and Error Logs for archiving and troubleshooting
  • Advanced Access-Control: Access to content can be configured by Days or Dates
  • Product-Chaining: If someone buys Product A, then automatically given them access to bonus Product B. If someone cancels membership to Product A, then automatically remove their access to Product B. Extremely useful while giving automatic access to additional bonus products.
  • Advanced Member Management: Search for Users by Email, Last name, Member Id, Product name, User status and Product status. Easily modify their start dates, end dates, access levels (FREE or PAID), manually mark users as FREE or PAID, Rollback access to members by one recurring cycle (say, if a member is in month #6, and asks for a refund for previous month).
  • “Pause” Membership: A user’s access PAUSES when they stop paying. So if they decide to take a break and come back after a while, they can pick up right where they dropped off, and not from where your other paying members (who continued to pay during that time) are.
  • Targeted Email Marketing: Broadcast Emails to a variety of groups of segmented members and non-members, like (but not limited to)…
  • Credit Store: Using this credits-based system – the Credit Store plugin, a premium plugin sold separately – your members can be awarded “X” credits with each monthly subscription payment, and they can use those credits to purchase any content that *they* are interested in for that month, instead of being force-fed content only in a certain order as decided by you, the admin.
  • Think of it like an “Audible.com” membership where members get credits, and can redeem those credits towards any audio book from the store. All credits roll-over each month, and if a product needs more credits than what they have currently, they can wait for the next month to accumulate more credits and then redeem those credits when they have enough. As Admin, you will be able to configure how many credits they get each month with each subscription payment, and also configure how many credits each “Product” (content) in your membership site is worth. Sold separately
  • Admin Follow-Up: Along with the Autoresponder Emails that you set up to go to each member on a specific day, you can additionally set up emails that get sent to you (as Admin) along with every individual member, so you can take some specific action.
  • Offline Marketing: If you are also doing offline marketing to your members, you can also add an autoresponder email to go out to you (the admin) every time a member gets to a certain point.
  • Even WordPress Can’t Break DAP: Completely immune to new WordPress releases (DAP will not break due to a new version of WordPress being released)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO – a.k.a Global Login): Once your members log in to DAP via main login form, they are logged into all parts of WordPress – including the WordPress-based Forums. They don’t need to re-enter their username and password each time they go to their WordPress profile, forums, Subscribe-to-comments plugin, etc.

Please review my terms and conditions for my web development and consulting services.

Ongoing Help & Marketing Packages

$15,000 – $100,000

$15,000 – 3 Months

– 2 day smash ($4,500) + 3 months one-on-one help (10 hours/mth – $7,500)

$50,000 – 6 Months + 2 Hires

– 2 day smash + 6 months one-on-one help (10 hours/mth – $15,000)
– Social media marketing and content director ($15,000)
– Ad management, optimization, customer support agent ($15,000)
– Ad Management 15% of total spend on ads.

$100,000 – 1 Year + 2 Hires

– 2 day smash + 12 months one-on-one help (10 hours/mth – $30,000)
– Social media marketing and content director ($30,000)
– Ad management, optimization, customer support agent ($30,000)
– Ad Management 15% of total spend on ads.

Please review my terms and conditions for my web development and consulting services.