Making money with Ad Space on your Website


1. Direct Banner Advertising

Selling your own advertising space is one of the most lucrative monetization methods. First and foremost because it enables you to cut out the middleman commissions and to determine your own rates. The most popular banner formats on the web are the 728×90 leaderboard, the 120×600 skyscraper, the 300×250 rectangle and the 125×125 button. It’s up to the website owner to determine the value of ad space on their website.  Generally you can make a lot more money if you target a specific niche. Advertisers will  pay you more money if they know their target market is being reached rather then a generic audience.

The downside of direct banner advertising is that you need to have a big audience to get qualified advertisers, and you will need to spend time managing the sales process, the banners and the payments.

2. Text Link Ads

After Google declared that sites selling text links without the nofollow tag would be penalized, this monetization method became less popular. Many website owners are still using text links to monetize their sites, though, some using the nofollow tag and some not. The advantage of this method is that it is not intrusive. One can sell text links directly through his website or use specialized networks like Text-Link-Ads and Text-Link-Brokers to automate the process.

Basically there are companies out there that give you a code to place on your website. These codes place apporopriate text link ads on your website depending on the keywords on your page. For more information regarding making money with text link ad click here and contact us today.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular practice on the Internet. Under this system you have a merchant that is willing to let other people (the affiliates) sell directly or indirectly its products and services, in exchange for a commission. Sometimes this type of advertising is also called CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead) based.

Affiliates can send potential customers to the merchant using several tools, from banners to text links and product reviews.

Many people do not even know that this method of making money exists out there. There are companies that find advertisers for you and all you simply have to do is place their ads on your website and drive traffic to your site. Getting paid can depend on how many people click on the ads, how many times the ads are displayed on your website, or how many people perform an action or make a purchase once they click on an ad. CPA (Click per action) generally has a very high payout or commission.

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