I can build your website
for a set price/investment

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I can build your website for free
& we become business partners.

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I can build your website
for a set price/investment

learn more & get a free quote

I can build your website for free
& we become business partners.

learn more & book a call


When you work with me the process begins with you learning all the ways a website can make money. Once we discover your money making method(s) we’ll create the wireframe to build your website.



During the website creation process I’ll put the tools and processes in place to automate your blog, marketing, content creation, leads, and more. Why work when a website can work for you?

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Once I’ve put in place the tools and automation processes used to create a residual income I’ll help you create your marketing stratgey and content calendar. This will give you a clear path to web profits.

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Work With Me – Option 1

Building Your Website for an Investment

If you’d like me to just build your website and then give you the power (or your team) to make updates and grow your business from there then this is the option for you. Please pick a time to chat and book a free 30 minute consultation.

  • I can build your whole brand and full website in 1-3 days.

  • Includes: eCommerce, Membership Portals, List Building, Email Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, FB Ads, Affialite Systems, Remarketing, Sales Funnel Design, and more. Basically, anything you need!

  • Fully mobile responsive, fast loading, and built for all devices, screens, and TV’s

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Work With Me – Option 2

Building Your Website for FREE!

If you’d like to partner on a project and have me build your website for free then this is the option for you. Learn more about my partnership opportunities and book a 30 minute consultation to chat below.

  • If we decide to partner on your project you will have me as your ongoing web developer at no cost.

  • I’ll manage your server, take care of updates, and help you keep building your website so you don’t have to worry about anything, just sell.

  • I’m looking for rockstars that have already built a strong following on with social media or email list.

Let’s chat and discuss partnership opportunities

Praise From My Awesome Clients

Pat is simply the best! He is the best in customer service, know how, staying on top of trends, making money, understanding how to build a business on-line, how to work with WordPress, plugins, etc but in the most effective, efficient and easy to manage way. I have never worked with a web expert as knowledgable, friendly and efficient as Pat. I am so thankful for everything he has done for me and my team.

LYZABETH LOPEZ, Hourglass Workout Inc.

Working with Pat has completely changed my business helping me automate so many processes freeing up an abundance of my time and generating additional income easily. In fact within 2 SHORT weeks of working with Pat, I generated an additional $40k because he brought an idea I had to life online in a mere matter of days. It is such a pleasure to work with him because not only does he get the job done, our time together is always a fun learning experience allowing me to keep up with the latest online trends. I am so thankful for everything he’s done for my business and my brand.


I’ve worked with Pat Ness for the better part of 10 years. From day one, his enthusiasm for my projects have stayed consistant and his passion for what he does is always apparent. (Note from Pat: I’ve had the pleasure to help Paul build paulbuceta.com, strongfitnessmag.com, strong-camp.com, sessionsstudios.com, sessionsmagazine.com, andivero.com, overxxxposedapparel.com, and have been part of many other projects)


I met Pat in July 2009, and by the following year I had resigned from a 17yr career and 6 figure income to become an entrepreneur and manage my blog full-time as a result of Pat’s influence and inspiration. He encouraged me to write & publish my first eBook.

CARMELIA RAY, Reality TV & Celebrity Matchmaker

Pat did an out standing job and went above and beyond when working with us. Pat is incredibly knowledgable in all fields of web design, social media and business in general. He was a large part of the initial success of our agency. He would be an asset to any business he decides to work with.

EMILY LYONS, CEO & Founder of Femme Fatale Media Inc.

After starting my blog while in university as a part of a school project, I have always had great success with it. Shortly after graduating, my blog got me a full-time job at a health and wellness company, without ever showing my resume. Since then, I have always referred to my blog as my best resume because it has brought me countless opportunities that wouldn’t have come up otherwise.

GILLIAN BROWN, Healthy Living Lessons

Pat is hands down the best web designer I’ve ever worked with. His overwhelming passion and knowledge makes him one of the best in the business. He’s done 2 websites for me and they are both equally amazing work. He is timely, fast, accurate, and he delivers above and beyond! Not to mention he’s a wonderful guy and great person to work with. I would not hesitate whatsoever to refer him.

IVAN HO, Fit Factory Fitness

Why Work When a Website Can Work for You?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to travel anywhere in the world whenever you want? It’s very possible, even for an absolute beginner. I have the answers. Set up a 30 minute web strategy consultation and let’s get you started.

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